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Have you got enough of poker, paigow poker, roulette or any other gambling games and you want to try something more thrilling than this? Well, this is a tip. Try to play blackjack. You should know that this game can be played online for free. There are multiple websites that are hosting this spectacular gambling game. However, do you know what blackjack is or how can you play it? If not, read carefully the rest of the article and you will find out anything you need to know about this game.

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How blackjack can be played

Blackjack, which is also known as 21, is a very popular casino cards game. The game is generally played between a player and the dealer. This means that even if at the game’s table there are multiple players, your only opponent is the dealer. In this game you are not competing with the other players, but only with the dealer. This game can be played using a deck or even more decks of 52 cards. The dealer can be defeated if you make 21 points with the first two cards that you will receive from the dealer, and if you succeed to make these points from the very first hand, means that you’ve made a blackjack.

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Also, you can win in front of the dealer if you make a final score higher than that of the dealer, but without passing over 21 points. The last option available is to let the dealer to draw cards until his hand is going above 21 points.

Playing blackjack online for free is extremely fun, and the game is extremely easy to understand and follow. Once you will start playing this game on your screen will appear the game’s table. In the left corner of your screen you will have your chips, with which you can bet. You can bet the minimum amount of $1. Your chips in the online game will have a value of $2000, so you will be able to play a lot of time. However, notice that the cash are not real, so if you finish them you can always start a new game.

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In the middle of the scree, at its bottom you shall see three buttons. These buttons allow you to place the minimum, maximum and the flat bet. Still, you can bet as much as you want by going with the mouse in the left corner where you have the chips. From there, you can click on the chips that you want to bet.

After you place the bet the cards will appear on the screen. Your cards will be wide open, while one card of the dealer is hidden. In this way, you will only know one of its cards. After the cards are shown you will see other three buttons: Double, Stand and Hit me. The first button allows you to double the number of cards, the Stand button means that you don’t want another card, and Hit me will give you a new card. If you make more than 21 points, means that it is your Bust and the dealer wins. However, if you have 20 points and the dealer only 19 or above 21 it is his bust and you will win the round.

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So, blackjack is an interesting and captivating game that can be played online for free. The websites on which you can play this game are not requiring an account or anything similar with a registration. So, anytime you are free enjoy the blackjack online for free alone or even with your friends.

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