Blackjack switch

Blackjack switch is an improved side of the standard gambling game blackjack. A few years ago, a man named Geoff Hall was a bit frustrated that he got two weak hands during a blackjack game. So, he decided to enhance the version of blackjack. So, he thought that this game can be totally improved if the top two cards would be switched, and this is how blackjack switch had appeared. It was patented in 2009, and since then lots of people are playing this version. You can say that the attraction towards this new version had increased amid the passionate of casino games as it is more thrilling and exciting.

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Rules that can be met during a game of blackjack switch

Since the way of playing had changed a bit, the rules also changed, or at least some of them. For this game are used 6 up to 8 decks of cards. The player is forced to make two bets of an equal size. The other version of the game required only a bet. However, since at this one you can play two hands, you must bet twice. The dealer will always seek to make blackjack. Like at the other version, if the dealer has blackjack all the players will lose except those that also have blackjack.

The finest and most helpful rule of this game is that the players can switch the cards from their hands. So, for example, you have two hands: in one hand you have an 8 and a 10, and in the other hand you have an Ace and a 9. You can switch the cards to get blackjack. You can make the pairs 8 and 9, and Ace with 10. In this way, you will have a hand with 17 points and one with 21 points, which means blackjack. During a blackjack switch game the player has quite some advantages due to the rules, respectively he can double on any 2 cards, he can double after a split, he has the possibility to re- split up to four hands and so on. Now, that you know the main rules of this game you should also find out how it can be played.


How to play blackjack switch

This game can be played with 4, 6 or even 8 decks of 52 cards. These cards are shuffled with the help of a dealing shoe or with a shuffling machine. The players must sit around a semicircular table with two betting boxes. After each player is placed on its position and all the bets are made the cards will be given one by one. Each player will receive the first card with the face up. After all the cards are given to the players they have some time to switch the cards, to make the best hands that can help them to win the round. Unlike at the standard blackjack game, in this one the bets are 1:1. So, after the winners of this round are found the next round will start. You will see that the game is quite exciting as you have double chances. If you receive a bad hand and not such a very bad hand, you can switch the cards to make the best hand.

This way is much easier for the players to win in front of the dealer. They have better chances of winning playing blackjack switch than playing the standard one. The rules are not extremely difficult rather they are quite simple and easy to understand. As long as you follow the rules and you pay attention when switching the cards you can win easily.

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